Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the symptoms of a meniscal tear?
Q. How can I distinguish meniscal injuries from other types of knee injury?
Q. Are people with an active lifestyle more susceptible to meniscal injuries?
Q. Once I have been treated, how often will I need to be checked?
Q. How long is the rehabilitation process?
Q. Will I able to play sport as I was doing before?
Q. What happens if I don’t get treated?
Q. Where can I get treated?
Q. Is the procedure painful?
Q. Which are the risks of being treated with ACTIfit?
Q. Are there side-effects?
Q. Is it possible for the body to reject the scaffold?
Q. What happens to the implant?
Q. Is the implant permanent?
Q. Is this a permanent solution to a meniscal tear?
Q. What other options are available to me?
Q. Will this implant conflict with my religion?
Q. Will I still be able to bend my knee?
Q. Is the implant available on the NHS?
Q. Is the implant available on BUPA or private health cover?
Q. Can I travel to the EU to have my ACTIfit surgery?