CartiONE Surgical Technique

TheCartiONE Cell Service requires a trained technician to operate a mobile tissue and cell processing workstation. All tissue preparations and cell isolations are completed entirely within the operating theatre during a single surgical procedure using routine aseptic laboratory techniques.

The surgeon debrides and measures the size of the cartilage lesion(s). Both the debrided cartilage and a cartilage biopsy from a low load-bearing region of the knee are collected and transferred to the CartiONE technician for processing. The cartilage harvest volume is adjusted according to the defect size.
The surgeon collects bone marrow aspirate which is transferred to the technician for processing. The volume of the aspirate is also adjusted to the lesion size according to a proprietary protocol.
The CartiONE technician processes the cartilage tissue to isolate the chondrocytes and the bone marrow aspirate to isolate the mononucleated cells. The cells are mixed to achieve a specific overall cell concentration and to ensure the ratio of chondrocytes to mononucleated cells falls within a specified range.
The cell mixture is transferred to the surgeon for implantation via their carrier of choice.
CartiONE Videos

Konrad Słynarski, MD, Słynarski Knee Clinic Warsaw, Poland explains the single-stage CartiONE procedure.

CartiONE patient explains his surgery, rehabilitation and return to pre-injury activities of mountain biking, climbing and skiing.